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lucky7 said:
JohnnyO19 said:
I think the catch of the day was Cutthroat snagging Reg's rod as it was going down the hole :eek:.  That would of been 1 expensive cup of "free" coffee.

What a great day, thanks Ken for everything. Is was nice to put faces with names!

Man, that minor earthquake we had around 2 or so was the loudest thing I've ever felt on the ice. It literally shook evrything.

Here's to good fishing, till we meet @ Granby.

What exactly was that 'disturbance'?  It made me a tad nervous...It appeared that the ice actually moved upward. Spooky!
I thought it was pretty cool, reminded me of a good ol' Antero earthquake
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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