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Pikeview 06-09-05

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Took Cody down to pikeview, gawd I love summer break an excuss to take the kid fishing instead of sleep. Fished it from 8am tell around noon. Water level was pretty low especially compared to last week. Water clarity was still murky 2 or 3 ft visibility. Fished for that tiger musky with no luck. The mandatory catfish pole was baited with worms and I managed to land 3 stocker rainbows all pretty small picture of the big one at the bottom of report. Cody had no luck with salmon eggs or powerbait and no luck locating bluegills. He did manage to catch me a dozen crawdads so I know whats going on the hook tomorrow. Had to call it a day because of baseball practice. Seen 1 old guy down there land 1 rainbow and 1 carp or koi couldnt tell really (which was tossed up on the bank). There are alot of goldfish littering the banks aswell. So I think between the tigers and the fishermen they might be denting the population.

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i was wondering were pikeview is ?, is there alot of muskie in ther and also are they any size ?
kokaneeking said:
i was wondering were pikeview is ?, is there alot of muskie in ther and also are they any size ?
Its a local pond in Colorado Springs, Off Garden of the Gods and Nevada. The Tigers vary in size I seen some swimming that were about 18 inches and I seen some double that atleast. THe legal limit to keep them is 36 inches and ONLY 1 Fish. The DOW finally put up signs about the tigers in there so people will stop keeping them thinking they are pike.
thats suprising muskie and pike are easy to tell apart, epic have you ever hooked into a muskie there ?
Not yet they keep taunting me!!!
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