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Had a great day. Got up at 7, and showed up to the lake and what do you know, no open water on the north dock. Then saw on the south dock theres a tiny bit of open water. There was ice on top of the dock on 1 of the places. NO Action for about 2 hours. Then some guy shows up with ice rods and augers. I was thinking this guy was crazy. All he did was put a jig on a put it right beneath the dock, i told him my situation and he gave me a jig, got a bite, then lost it. He was nice enough to give me another one and then the fish started coming. I ended up catching 1 really nice 15 incher and the rest were a supprising and fat 13-14 with really pink meat. But during this i Was extremely mad. Some guy showed up, opens a can of corn and throws it out there. I know trout cant eat that stuff it just kills them. So he walks away and the nice guy who gave me the jigs was on a cell phone, then what do you know, the DOW shows up. As the guy is walking back to his car, he gets picked off, dont know whether he got a fine or what. Then the DOW agent came down and saw a whole can of corn there, and laughed, talked/questioned us about what he was doing, and thanked us. I guess we knew who the guy on the cell phone was talking to. But the good thing was that guy didnt catch anything. Overall a great day and it is really fishing well right now!
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