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Got off work and hit the lake since my kid's last day of school was today and he got out early. So instead of a couple hours of sleep I figured I'd fish until he got off then fish tell his mom got off then go to his baseball game. One of my friends joined me at the lake (his girl works with mine). The water was 60 degrees and super clear I hadnt been there in a couple weeks but it was really murky now I could see my worm sitting on the bottom off the end of the dock 6ft down. There were about 50 Koy and Goldfish 1-2lbs swimming all over the place, so if you have a garden and want some koy come snag them. I was talking to one of the DOW guys down there and he couldnt believe how many where in there he asked if we caught any not to put them back he also was hopeful the tiger musky would take them out. Seen a couple of them up on the bank too.
I had one pole out with a worm on it and was casting various lures and my buddy was doing the same. Soon 11 rolled around and only 1 hit on the worm and nothing else. When I got back my buddy still reported nothing. I threw out some powerbait and salmon eggs and a little bit later after not a thing, and no one elese around was catching anything either I figured I'd try bringing a little bit more attention to the bait. I added a marshmellow to the salmon eggs about 5 mins later I landed my first trout a little guy about 7 incehs. a couple mins later my next one this time 12" then a 13" By time 4 rolled around me and my buddy were able to land 9 trout all between 12" and 14" and with my little guy that made 10 total not bad since I still hadnt seen anyone else land any.
The kid ended up catching 2 goldfish.
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