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Pikeview Pond C/S

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At the DOW meeting last night there was alot of mention of this pond, basically this thing has every species and its mother in there. It was a transplant destination for most of the fish out of prospect lake when they drained it. Here are some of the species that are there if you local Colorado Springs fisherman are bored at home or want to take the kids:
Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, Carp, Large Mouth Bass, Trout, Walleye, Saugeye, Pike, Tiger Muskie, Catfish, and I'm probably forgetting a couple more species. This little pond has some nice potential, and I rarely see more then 6 people there when I'm fishing it.
Also there are no signs up to educate Anglers there about Tiger Musky so please if you go there and catch one or if you see someone land one let them no they should release it as it is a sterile species and cant reproduce.

This lake is located on Garden of the Gods, between Nevada and Mark Dabling. Parking is on Mark Dabling.
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Thanks ePic. It's nice to hear official word as to what's in there. I'll be there at dawn on Sat for an hour or so to try for some bass.

I do have concern with Pike and Musky in a lake that small. It won't take long for even a couple of these fish to chow down on a lot of those fish. We won't see it with the trout since they are stocked so much but the crappie,bass, and walleye won't be able to sustain themselves for very long on their own. IMO of course ;D
Was there any discussion about that there or was it not really a concern?

When I was a kid I put 4 pike into a private blue gill pond and within 2 years you could totally see the effect it had. The pond was about half the size of Pikeview.
Oh there are wiper in there to, some guy commented that the wiper would kick the tiger muskies ass. I dont know how bad it will hurt it I'm sure the pike and muskie will get stunted from the small size of the pond and all. It really depends on what structure is in there, the carp have all the weeds gone so thats one less hiding spot. I havent had a snag yet so I dont think there is much so the pike have a huge advantage if you ask me.
Good points but there was a huge one pulled out of Quail Lake a few years back and it has the same lack of structure.

Either way it will be fun not knowing what's on the other end of the line until you reel it in. ;D
Quail Lake is very mossy or atleast it was when I tried to fish it earlier this year. All I was able to pull out of there was a crawdad. The water temps are getting warmer and I'll be hitting it again soon.
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