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Pine Valley Ranch

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Anyone that wants to get a kid into fishing or an adult wanting to learn how to fly fish should go to the lake in Pine Valley Ranch in Pine. They stock the lake every few months and though not big, there are plenty of fish to catch and they are eager to bite. Went out this morning and got about 15 in two hours.

If fly fishing is in your plans, I would be happy to meet you and give some free lessons.

Gods speed and tight lines
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Fishing Again

I used to fish years ago in Indiana, using spin casting and artificial lures. New to this type of fishing, using spin casting, what type of bait would you recommend.

If I like it I will probably move to fly fishing. Any help greatly appreciated.
Are you referring to Baehr reservoir, Crystal lake or a different body of water?
Are you referring to Baehr reservoir, Crystal lake or a different body of water?
Probably here;
I don't have a fly rod yet, but am definitely moving in that direction. I would love to fish with you. Let me know, I can go anytime!
That's funny because this is an old thread but I was just up there today with my wife and there are fish to be caught.

I would be happy to meet anyone up there and give you a free hour fly fishing lesson. I have an extra fly rod you could use to see if you like it.

Anyone interested, please send me a pm and we can arrange a date/time

Diana, For spinners, I would recommend a Mepps or Panther Martin in a small size with light line like 4 pound test and an ultra light rod and reel.
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