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Fished Pinewood hoping to catch a muskie with no success. Started out by the boat ramp and worked my way around the entire lake. Fished the inlet (fisherman's cove) for about an hour and a half and seen two HUGE muskies. The first one was just sitting along the edge. It had to be at least 45 inches in length. The other one jumped out of the water making a huge splash just to irritate me. threw every single muskie lure in every size with no success. Talked to Scorpion_bsk and he seen a few big ones two but had the same results as me. Trout action seemed to be quite slow with only a few caught here and there. Talked to a guy who seen one muskie snagged last week and another caught. He said that he tried the day before with suckers and was hitting one on the head with no results. Those are some hard fish to catch. Hopefully my luck will change tommorrow when I hit Lon Hagler. that is if I don't get too hammered tonight. I will be there from about 6:30a.m. until about noon.
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