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I went out tonight to see if I could get some walleye. One of my fishing goals right now is breaking the 25in mark. Unfortunately it didn't happen but I got some action and had a good time. I stopped at Walmart and grabbed a pack of 3in storm paddle tail shads because I recently ran out. They're one of my favorite lures because they're cheap and they seem to work well. Many of my walleye, my first wiper and a handful of other wiper have all come on these swimbaits. Usually I use the normal shad patterned paddle tails but Walmart only had the clear ones in stock so I decided to try them. I arrived around 7:30, got set up and hit the water. I hooked up on my first cast so I was hoping it'd be a killer night but I ended up with five fish and several misses. I was casting out, letting my lure hit the bottom and then creeping it back about as slow as I could. I gave a couple other lures a shot, too, but the paddle tails were the only ones that produced. I ended up leaving at 10:30 or so. The next couple days I plan on trying a new fishery so we'll see how that goes.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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