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Platte river 3-3

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I just had to post this pic of my recent junket.

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damn those are nice what part of the platte is that
Uh-I can't remember >:D
Slayer were you using the ones on the left as bait for the one on the right! That is a big fish. Congrats! What were that big boys mesurments? Did you get him on the 3wt?

Never fished that section before. I guess I'll have to next time.
It was 7.5 lb cutbo and was 26"long. Spinning rod was the weapon of choice.
Nice fish was. Was that big one a male or female? If female was she loaded with eggs and did you save them for your spawn sacs?

nice fish slayer , were you in colorado when you caught those or wyoming ? , did you catch that on a spoon or bait, just curious
Good job! Looks like not much wind. Hope to be there in 10 days. Always worth giving that area a few hours, seems to be less pressure and you know some big browns have come out of there too. Thanks for the photo.
very nice slayerfish. Thanks for the pic.
Now thats a fish! Id like to say i caught one bigger than that but we would all know that was a lie... ;)
Great fish-all 3 of 'em! Are those big 26 inchers as tasty as something smaller? I wouldn't know (yet!)
Slayer, nice fish!! Rottal, fisherman don't lie, they tell stories!
WOW.......  :eek:

don't tell anyone, slayer. otherwise you know whats gonna happen. :-X
The size of the river...either Wyoming or downstream stretch of the Colorado...
Slayerfish strikes again! great fish
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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