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Playa Del Carmen- Guide Insight

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Did a quick search and couldn't come up with anything specific to a fly fishing guide in the Playa del Carmen area.

Anyone have any good advice or guides in that area? I've only fished salt once, last year in Cozumel and had a great time.

Not sure if I will be able to swing it this year but I would like to try and get out for a half day.

Thanks for any info.
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I'm not sure about playa deal Carmen but is definitely legit. I know carmen is pretty close to cancun. If it's too far, you could at least give them a call and ask them to refer you to someone in Carmen. I went out with them like two summers ago for an eight hour fly trip and had an amazing time. They had absolute top notch gear, the guide was awesome, they provided lunch and more. They give you the option to flyfish or spinfish. I got some decent tarpon, bonefish, ladyfish, and barracuda. They put me on some permit, too, but I couldn't stick one. I actually lost some really nice tarpon-they're hard to land. I'm headed back to cancun this summer with the fam and will definitely be fishing with them again. The company is owned by some Dutch guy that is just living out his fishing fantasies in Mexico.

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Check out Pesca Maya:

Can't go wrong with Darwin, Manuel, or Wilbert as guides.

I have also just done DIY walking the beaches around Tulum in the mornings before cocktail hour started at 10am. Lots of 1-2 bones, cuda, and needlefish to keep you busy. I have seen some permit as well, but could not get them to eat.
Do a search of this site and/or pose your question there:

It has valuable and reliable information for saltwater fly fishing.
Awesome! Thanks guys. Like I said, I don't know if I will be able to swing it but I have to at least look into it...if I get an opening, I'm gone.

Whomp- do you recall about what you paid for the day? Nice fish!
I think they have 4,6 and 8hr trips. I went on an eight hour that I think was $400. I forgot to mention that the fishing grounds were literally like a five minute boat ride from the dock. And the dock was less than a five minute walk from our hotel so it all worked out really nice. Check out their website if you haven't yet...I think they allow up to two people on the fly trips so $200 per person isn't bad

Anyone have any updated info on fly fishing the Tulum area? I contacted Pesca Maya and am waiting to hear back from them- the service they offer sounds great, but the daily price seems a little steep for what I want to get into albeit pretty comparable to a float trip around here.

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