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Went down yesterday to fish for fun with Dennis. The trolling bite has been good the last two weeks and that is where we started. Two hours and one dink eye later we knew we were in trouble!The shad hatch this year is insane.

I pulled into a hump that has been good to me all year and there were fish all over the water column. I dropped a spoon down gave it one pop and got a 2.5 largemouth. Then the water around me turn into a frenzy. It was a school of 12 inch wipers from last years stocking. They were every where tearing into the shad. I couldn't get them to bite anything so we just sat there and watched. Sure hope we can get people to release these fish so they can get big!!!!!

After a hour marina break to escape the lightning I went to a series of ledges that I marked in 60 feet of water in May. Yesterday they were in 42 feet and loaded with fish. We pounded them for about 90 minutes until another storm blew in and we called it a day. We got bass, bluegill, nice crappies and about a dozen eye's. Sometimes my spoon would not make to the bottom before getting popped. I love slabbing spoons!! especially when you don't have to fish 80 feet deep!
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