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Pond at Florence, CO

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Went down and fished a BLM pond outside Florence because I was told they have been stocking it the past couple of years with small bass, catfish and bluegill. Thought it would be a good uncrowded place to try-which it was since I was the only one there.

Anyway, I'm fishing a jig and pig, just hoping it along the bottom when I feel a real good thunk and set the hook. The fish took off, the drag was just screaming and I thought to myself-I either got a state record largemouth or a real good catfish. Took me about 5 minutes to get it in close enough to see it was a big carp-I was a little disappointed but you can't complain about a fight that good. Never caught a carp on a J and P-this guy was on steroids and you gotta admire a fish that can pull that hard. Ed
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LOL!! I've had those moments. Carp are fun..
Has any one else ever fished these ponds? I go by them on my way to work and keep saying I am going to stop when I get off but never have.
Ed, I'm curious too where are these ponds exactly? My girl has family in Florence this would be a good reason to make her go visit them . ;)
thats whats so great about fishing a new place you never know whats going to happen
Thats the ones next to the river. There used to be a sign along 115 pointing to it but they covered it up last year for some reason. Its still there but covered. I have seen people fishing there and some where swimming a few days ago. They where gravel pits. They should be fairly deep if they are anything like the one they are digging out of right now. I just guess Ill call around and see what I can find out about them.
okay just got off the phone and this is what I have found out.
They are open to the public, the signes are covered because they where ordered too soon and not all of the stuff is there yet that the signes show.
The south pond was stocked last year with warm water fish. The north pond was not stocked but he said people have been putting fish in there from the other pond and from the river.
There is also some property south of the river that is part of the area also. 460 some acres total.
Now I need to get over there and give it a try. The only thing is since it was just stocked last year not sure how bit the fish will be yet.
it may have just been stocked by DOW last year but those ponds have been there a while and there is a good chance the they have been stocked privatly in the past i dont remember but is there much vegitation alond the shore any downed trees or other cover?

gonna try to get the float tubes down there soon
I was told by the BLM that both ponds were stocked with bass and catfish fingerlings last year but I idn't see anything cruising the shoreline and I only got the one carp bite and tried a tube, senko and jig and pig for several hrs. If their in there I guess it will be a couple of yrs before they reach catchable size.

I'm surprised the BLM or the DOW are not doing more to develop these ponds-they are decent sized and with the right forage I'm sure the would provide good fishing. Its a shame they don't unlock the gate-I could get my pontoon boat out there with my fishfinder and get a better idea of just whats in there. Ed
hey Ed how far of a walk is it from where you have to park to the water?
Maybe 200 yds to the south lake, about half that to the north one. Ed
i guess i can hoof it that far with a float tube as soon as i get my brakes fixed ill give it a whirl
I think I'll hold off for a year or 2 unless roadkill does good there. This will let the fingerlings get to decent size. If the birds and any other fish that may of found their way in there hadn't eaten them all up.
i'm hoping that someone stocked them earlyer and they have had a chance to grow at least we know there are good sized and aggressive carp in there
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