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I can't help with the search for a rental but . . .I was in the same situation around 4 years ago and ended up with a watermaster kickboat.  It is basically a scaled down river raft with half a bottom.  The pros are it breaks down and sets up very quickly (10 min) and stores in a backback.  It also is rated for 500lbs and can easily take a load of camping gear for overnight float trips.  If you drive a full size truck and have a garge for storage, these aren't important features.  They are critical for me.

If you decide to go the pontoon route, there are a lot of options out there but one of the better one-man pontoons is the Buck's Bag in either southfork or bronco model.  My buddy has the bronco and loves it.  It takes an hour to set up but it rides great and can also take quite a load of camping gear.

I enjoy fishing out of my watermaster just as much as riding in a drift boat.  Having full control of the boat and fishing simultaneously takes a little practice but it's a blast.  Have fun researching!

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