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Hey homeboy,

I just recently purchased the TU Colorado and I really like it. I have mine rigged with a fish finder, trolling motor, and deep cycle battery. The pontoon boat is pretty durable. I have been at Aurora with waves close to 3 ft and have survived.

The TU pontoon boat comes with lots of pockets which makes it nice for extra gear. It also comes with locking anchor ratchet (The rope is only 20 ft). The cargo tray can hold my battery, cooler, boat pump, and a bucket for my anchor rope. I especially like the mesh netting under the seat. This has saved countless things from being lost.

The only downside about the TU is that the seat does not swivel, which makes it a pain in the rear to turn around to steer or grab gear from the cargo tray. I fixed this problem by buying a $7 swivel mount from sportsmans.

The TU has a full 2 year warranty on it's pontoons. In fact, I just recently called the company ( and told them my bladder was leaking. Once I sent them my proof of purchase, they sent me a new bladder. It was quick and easy.

You mentioned using the pontoon boat on rivers and lakes. I would not recommend using the TU on rivers above class 1. The material on the pontoon boat is not as durable as the more expensive pontoon boats. The bottom half is pretty solid but the top half is a little stronger than what float tube coves are made of.

FYI, If you want to buy the TU pontoon boat, I you can get if for $350.00 online from Costco, Sam's, or Walmart. It should save you a hundred bucks.

Once you get your pontoon boat, I will be more than happy to you show how I have my pontoon boat rigged. Just send me an email or PM me.

For more info. check out the following fishing forum which is dedicated to pontoon boaters and float tubers. Once at the site click on the "Best of the Best" link and it will go over everything you ever wanted to know with Pontoon Boats.;
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