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I am super new to fishing and super obsessed - specifically in the last week or two. I've been trying out my local ponds/lakes with little to zero success. My kids (age 10 and 12) are also rarin' to go but without any success to egg them on, they are not as eager to go out fishing with me as they have been.

I am in Thornton, so have been trying out spots close by, such as, Thornton gravel ponds, Webster lake (many times, once out on a paddle boat with the kids) Westminster City Park Pond (been here several times at sunrise, and can SEE the big fish jumping), Hunter's Glen Lake, and we went up to a kid specific pond in Longmont (Izaak something Pond) and caught diddly squat up there as well.

The only thing I've caught is crawdads and baby largemouth bass, and even more excitingly - twigs, weeds, and once an old shirt. I took it home, laundered it, and it's now my favorite (I joke, because otherwise I will cry.) I can't even catch a sunfish, which is supposed to be super easy.

At this point, I just want to catch a fish - ANY fish. I'd love any advice on these spots specifically, or setting up my rig more appropriately, or a spot we could go that would see a lot more action than these previously named. Is it possible that these places (especially the more busy ones, like Webster Lake) are fished out? If you'd rather PM me, that's fine as well.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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