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Post yer pic!

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ok, heres a chance for you guys to post a pic...any pic will do, no one here is picky--- just as long as its got you in it. i know i log on to this site to read reports and look at photos, (especially of fish) so go ahead and post one...regardless of the time it was taken (to include walleyes caught last year in wyoming) would be nice to put a face with some of these names i see plastered all over this board on a daily basis....

heres me with a koke....but youve seen me before...

and heres me...goofin off...but for once, without a fish in my hand....

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Luv the prespawn!!! Kiss the big ones for luck.

My name is Matt and I'm a fishaholic.

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Love those fish pics! I take a ton of fish pictures. Here's a few basic tips for better fish pictures. (Most of this I learned the hard way with great fish catches spoiled by bad pictures)

1. Keep the sun to the back of the camera lens when possible. Try your best to avoid shadows from other objects, arms, equipment or whatever.

2. Test the camera, check batteries/film before you leave.

3. Take more than one picture of each good fish. Two or three shots almost always guarantees on photo you like.

4. Hold the fish even with the camera so you have the best side view of the fish.

5. Try to get the fish back in water as soon as possible relatively unharmed.

This picture has good light but my hand is covering up too much of the fish's belly. Sadly I had to post a pic from earlier this season cuz my bass action is kinda suckin' lately.

Oh and lastly...don't drop the camera! I'm on my 3rd digital camera since 2001.
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