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Post yer pic!

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ok, heres a chance for you guys to post a pic...any pic will do, no one here is picky--- just as long as its got you in it. i know i log on to this site to read reports and look at photos, (especially of fish) so go ahead and post one...regardless of the time it was taken (to include walleyes caught last year in wyoming) would be nice to put a face with some of these names i see plastered all over this board on a daily basis....

heres me with a koke....but youve seen me before...

and heres me...goofin off...but for once, without a fish in my hand....

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Here I am with a nice cuttbow from the colorado river. Pretty typical fish really, it was 20" I caught it this january I think

Here's a 12.5" bluegill I caught out of...well lets just say its the reservoir I've been fishing lately! I caught it on september 11th of last year.
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