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Poudre Rive

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Tried to fish the Poudre this easter sunday. The water is VERY low and gin clear. Didn't even spot fish, or scare any and I saw the bottom of just about every big pool. Beautiful day, fishing was lousy. Not just for myself but for 3-4 other fisherman I ran into. I would give it some time before I go back. Fished the lower section and just west of Poudre Park. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly apprecitated.
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Thanks for the report and welcome to the board.

i almost went to the poudre on sunday but opted for the big t. how far did you go up the canyon to see if the river was open and free of ice? i want to fish this river before it blows out and have been up all the way to big south and once past the narrows, it was all locked in with ice.
thanks in advance for the reply
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