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fished the poudre river today. got there at 7:30am and fished until 4:30pm. this river needs some water, so i hope the run off for that drainage gets going. low and clear water.
had to fish mid depth pockets that had good current or swift current up along the gradd/tree root banks. hooked about 18, landed 11 and probably had a few others flash me. mostly small healthy rainbows from 12" - 15" and a few nice browns over 16". rainbows from the mid depth pocket water and browns from the banks.
midge, a few bwo and maybe a few black winged type caddis hatched from 10am till 1pm. only fished nymphs or a wolly bugger.
nice day that was warm and a light wind, a reasonable number out fishing.
probably wait another month to fish it again when it gets some water flowing.
i drove up to camerron pass and took a look at joe wright. was optimistic that maybe the lake was open some and i might try for a grayling - no go, the lake is still 100% covered in ice. still several feet of snow up there.
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