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Fish spawn on water temperature not time of year, of that rottal is 100% correct. (the brown trout on the colorado river near glenwood are almost winter spawners, starting in mid october and ending in mid january, I have extensive evidence that agrees with this as well.) Bass are the same way as the trout are, except they obviously spawn at a different water temperature and time of year. I was reading somewhere once that bass start to spawn when the water is roughly 56 degrees fahrenheit. Oftentimes though, even if the water is this temperature and they sense a cold front coming they will postpone the spawn for a while. We saw this at jerry creek this year. It got warm for a week and the bass came shallow in one of their spawning places we know of. It got cold again and then the bass went back deep, even though the water temperature was still high 50's, they didn't want to spawn during the storm. I believe maybe they were worried that winter was coming or something, because I have never seen the bass act this confused as to where to go at jerry creek this year. This odd weather is really throwing them off and I bet the spawn will be fairly unsuccessful this year due to this. I am really worried about the spawn, at least at jerry creek the fish are very confused.
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