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Prespawn walleye

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Th chatty dam is off the hook tonight. For my third try at prespawn walleye I hit the dam and every fish there was off my hook. I think I had one bite, no catches. Had an enjoyable time before dark and then at dusk a tour bus showed up and unloaded and suddenly I had people 15 feet on either side.

Apparently shortly after dark Scarlett Johansen was rowing just offshore topless because every one of those distinguished gentlemen had their headlamps on full power non stop scanning the water and making sure nobody had any night vision. I'm sad I didn't see her because my headlamp was in the truck. I'm more sad that I gave up whe I wanted to be and moved where i didn't want to be so nobody stepped on me. I promptly lost a great mean eye jerk bait

Moved again and chatted with a nice kid and fished down shore from him for a while. Didn't look like he caught anything but it was an enjoyable chat. I certainly didn't catch anything. .

Tons of boats over on the edge, hope if it was you guys you got something or at least saw Scarlett.

Ahh well. It was a lovely evening to stand and cast and watch the sunset.
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Headlamps are the bomb!
Specially if supported by dainty lace uplifts...
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