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unless jefferson is still frozen when I get back from FL, I'm packing up the ice gear except for the vex... gonna get use out of it with the pontoon in the next few weeks.

Decided to go fish turquoise lake. I checked the observed weather reports for the last month... aside from yesterday, it hasnt been out of the teens for a low at night and 40's for highs... so I assumed the lake was good. enjoyed the drive...left denver around 7:40, listening to the usual folk metal tunes and got there around 9.

the lake was totally unsafe...... a certain tennessee boy shouldn't have gone with his gut, lololol.

Ice was 3 feet thick, with a slush layer under 5 inches of frozen slush. perfectably walkable, even in crocs. bummer the fork wasn't like this 2 weeks ago.

I walked out 70 yards from the hill o' death and drilled a hole. tested it with the vex, it was 45 feet... and didn't have to move at all. fish came in all over the place. Caught a variety of fish from lakers, cutbows, rainbows, cutthroats..... most of them were only stocker sized and a few of the lakers were pretty hungry looking, they had big heads and no bodies. but they were fun to nail. some of them would even swim up to 10 feet to nail my offering.

I weeded out the dinks for 2 15 inch lakers... and then moved close to shore in 8 feet of water to jig spoons for some browns or bigger fish. caught several rainbows and a little above average stocker cutbow.

After I caught my 4 that I felt were worth keeping... I walked back up the hill, said hi to the goofy californian hipsters that were driving by and oogling the frozen lake from the hill.. and drove home..

While driving home, I'll just report on what I saw fishing wise, for the average joe-shmoe who don't give a **** about big fish and wants to wet a line.

Clinton gulch reservoir at the top of the pass is completely frozen. saw some fresh ice holes in the usual places. I don't think that lake will open up till june...

Copper mtn ponds were opening up with the rising 10 mile creek. I enjoy taking my kid to those ponds so I'm stoked on that. we will spend many a weekend this summer going up there to catch a limit of eaters for grandma.

as fordo said, Officers gulch was lidded up nicely. you can probably still ice it if you wanted.

Dillon was frozen stiff as well, but it looked like sketchy parts were starting to form.

Georgetown was completely open. I fished it 2 weeks ago to wash the shameful skunk off my hands from my mountain trip... the rainbows were stacked up in their usual spots. I used 2 inch white tubes tipped with halved shiners and got several fish until the rain ran me off. I know, it's fucking georgetown but who cares? I like to catch fish.

with that... the auger is hung up....
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