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Prospect Ponds 5/4

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Went to Prospect Ponds in Fort Collins today and did pretty well. I caught four bass, around 13 inches each, in about 2 hours. I made one cast at the very edge of a sunken tree and hooked into a big one. Sure enough it dove into the tree and broke off. But before it got off, I was able to pull it to the surface (trying to pull it over the tree), and I got a good look at it. It was easily four or five pounds. I sure would've liked to land that one.

I'll probably try it again tomorrow (5/5) and will report on how I do.
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HOLY CRAP DUDE?! LOL. Either we're fishing the wrong lake at prospect ponds or you just have better luck then we do. We were actually considering going there today (5/5) later this afternoon to try our luck again. If you go and get back before this afternoon post here and let us know how you did. Also if you can, if there is a map of the area or something maybe show us which lake you were at, the area and such just so I can rule out being stupid and fishing the wrong lake lol. Also what were you using for bait/lure? Didn't know if it was something they were really liking, sure sounds like it was.
I fished from about 5-7 p.m. at the second pond, if you go done Sharp Pt. Dr., it's the second pond on the left (not including the first, fenched-off private pond you see); the bigger one, with the parking lot on the southside of it. I was fishing a 4-inch watermelon Senkos worm; working it slowly along the bottom. Most of the bass were near submerged timber. I tried sight-fishing and spotted a lot of bass, but the fish I saw seemed a lot less aggressive than the ones I didn't see. Hope you have some luck.
another entrance to Prospect Ponds is on Prospect. If you are on College you will go east on prospect. The ponds will be on your left before you reach I-25.

I fish these ponds often......there are alot of small bass but then there are the ones that Mile High found. Whats great about these ponds is that they are very wadeable....alot of shallow areas that produce during low-light situations. Just fished there today...played with the bluegill using flys. Ive had alot of luck with willow-leaf inline spinners for bass and the occasional crappie.
Pondfisher said:
another entrance to Prospect Ponds is on Prospect. If you are on College you will go east on prospect.  The ponds will be on your left before you reach I-25.

Actually, if you are going east on Prospect from College, the ponds on the left are not the Prospect Ponds. Those are the Riverbend Ponds. Doesn't make sense the way they have them named! The Ponds that are Prospect Ponds are not even on Prospect.
I fished at Prospect again today. Same lure--Watermelon senkos. The action was good; I found a nice school of bass in the shallows and hooked 4 bass in the first 30 mins, but only landed one. I probably had the worst luck I've ever had with fish getting off.

After a while, the wind kicked up, and the action slowed down. But right before I left, I hooked and lost (again!) another bass and landed one. Most of the bass were about 13 inches but one of the bass I lost looked like it was about 16.

Also, right before I left, I saw a fish in the shallows that I'm 80% sure was a tiger musky. I got a pretty good look at it before it swam off, but not as good of a look to be absolutely sure it was a tiger. But, it was way too thin to be a carp, way too long to be a bass, and I'm pretty sure I saw vertical stripes on the side of its body. I was shocked. I didn't think there would be any tigers left. Didn't the DOW only stock about 30 of them, 20 years ago?

Also, a sign at Prospect says they have walleye in the ponds. I've never heard of anyone catching them there. Has anyone ever caught one out of the ponds? It could be worth a try.
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I have never seen or heard of a walleye coming out of there so I don't know if there are any left. The tigers I know are in there, I have seen them. The DOW stocks tigers in there almost yearly. There is a tiger muskie stocking list at Sportsman's Warehouse in Loveland and it shows that they put about 20 of them in there almost every year. They are very elusive tho! This is my third year trying to get one out of Prospect Ponds and I still haven't gotten one! A couple of chasers but that's about it.
Sorry, kind of a newbie question either that or I've just never seen them before but what are senkos? If you could post a pic or a link to some place showing one that would be great. Are you fishing them Texas style? Carolina style? Whats the technique your using too? is it like a lift and fall or a tug along the bottom or a constant retrieve along the top, bottom, mid? I was hearing from someone today that the water was a little too cold for bass fishing but with the luck your having with bites it sounds like it is doing well. We tried the Frank Easement Ponds today but didn't see any activity at all. We only tried the one lake thats right there on the east side of county road 13 and didn't get a thing. Again, heard the water was too cold for them to be active, either that or just using the wrong stuff again. lol.
So lemme get this staright... the prospect ponds r in ft collins? im trying to see if i can convince my parents that i want to dive up there and use all that gas to visit my sister at csu, but i could hide my gear in the back of my truck, are the pons close to campus?
Mustang said:
So lemme get this staright... the prospect ponds r in ft collins? im trying to see if i can convince my parents that i want to dive up there and use all that gas to visit my sister at csu, but i could hide my gear in the back of my truck, are the pons close to campus?
Prospect Ponds are out on east Prospect. They aren't visible from Prospect tho. If you are going east on Prospect take a right (South) after the Advanced Energy buildings. First there is a farm with a fenced in private pond, then there is the first Prospect Pond which I heard had a total fish kill a few years ago. The second pond after the private one is the good pond to fish.

I go to Fort Colllins at least once a week. It's only an hour drive which isn't that bad on gas if you drive a 4-banger. Anyways the ponds are about five minutes away from campus. Just a few blocks east of Timberline.
If you don't want to fish there, there is Union and Barbour Ponds on the way in Longmont. Lonetree, Boyd, and Lon Hagler, and Carter west of Campion. Lake loveland, Simpson ponds, Big Thompson Ponds, Windsor Res., Frank Easement. Then in Fort Collins you can also try horsetooth, City Park (for trout), and up north there is Douglas, Wellington, and Smith Reservior. You have a lot of options and I am sure there are plenty more that I don't know about. Don't forget to try the margaritas at Rio Grande if you're old enough. ;D
A small one that I got out of Prospect Ponds today (5-6-05) on my lunch break.
caught this bass in the largest pond

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Hmmmmmmm.............You caught that one just a little south of where I was.........
Hey Scorpio.....what techniques do you use to crank in the bass. I have been primarily relying on in-line spinners to get em....I would like to try other lures and such but I havent had alot of success with anything but Roosertails (curly grub and jig with willow leaf spinner) which are basically another type of spinner. I havent tries fishing with plastic worms mainly because I dont know hot to rig the damn things. The ponds can get really weedy in the shallows and my spinners with their treble hooks are weed and reed magnets!!!! Any tips and such would be greatly appriciated!!!
GotMuskie ---  Simpson and Big Thompson ponds!  You're giving away my secret spots.   :mad: ;)
Texas rig those plastics! Stick the hook in and back out of the head of the worm and then spin the hook around and stick the tip of the hook back into the worms body so the point of the hook is hidden.
I'm going there this weekend the Bass lake thats off of 44th and youngfield. Wish me luck
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