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I fished Prospect Ponds from my pontoon for about 4 hours on Saturday morning.  The water was between 50 and 60F(depending on where I dropped the thermometer), and visibility was maybe 3 feet.  There were good numbers of gizzard shad in evidence, but, unfortunately, not much eating them (except a couple of kingfishers and great blue herons).  Fishing was slow, but I did manage to catch two small largemouth (put together, they'd reach 12") and a green sunfish (about the same size as the bass), and a big yellow perch (10").  All these fish took 2.5" tube jigs fished right on the bottom.

The highlight of the day was a big channel cat (34" according to my measuring tape) that decided that a small, shad colored plastic worm presented on a drop shot rig in a brush pile was a good mid-morning snack.  I didn't have a scale with me, and am still kicking myself for not bringing the camera, but I estimate the catfish weighed between 15 and 20 lbs.  It's head was about 9" wide, and it was very fat (probably loaded with eggs and or freshly eaten shad).  It dragged the pontoon around for about 5 minutes and I then fought it from shore for another 5 before landing it.  I let the big girl go, because (1) I figured that for a catfish to get that big in the cold water here in CO, it had to be quite old and (2), it had some really nasty looking sores and lumps on its side.

Not a bad day, seeing as it was my biggest channel cat ever, and while the bass fishing was slow, the light casting rod definitely got a workout on the catfish.
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