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Wow what a day fishing on the river bend ponds in ft.collins. At first the day was just such a bummer as my belly boat blew up in the heat . Hopefully Jax will be able to exchange the boat as I just bought it last month.

The fishing turned out just wonderful. We fished by on the south side of the pond with all the islands, near the concrete and rail structure.
We caught 3 largemouth, about 10 crappie and a gabillion bluegill and sunfish.
Heres what worked best for us: Hook with nothing on it
Hook with worm on it
Panther martins, any size, any color.
Meps, red with gold, white with silver, green with silver. all with spoons. and rooster tails.
Spinner, white with silver spoon.

all spoons were fished pretty slow and near the reeds. the largemouth were near the shore and even chased the bluegill on the hook.
the girlfriend doesnt like to touch the fish, thus the blue glove.

Enjoy. Lonny

Great pics! Keep at it!

Sounds like a cool (and hopefully not so dangerous) day with the belly boat, but worked out in the end...nothin' wrong with the gloves!

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