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The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) will temporarily suspend the fishing bag and possession limits at Sands Lake beginning August 20.

The water level in Sands Lake, which is located in Salida, is being lowered to allow dredging operations to remove sediment from the bottom of the lake.

Because of the imminent danger of fish loss due to the work, anglers will be allowed to take an unlimited number of fish from Sands Lake without legal repercussions.

Fish must be taken by hook and line methods using conventional tackle. No fish may be taken through use of explosives, toxicants, firearms, or electricity. All anglers must possess a valid Colorado Fishing license.

The shoreline around the lake is expected to become extremely soft and muddy and anglers should use extreme caution due to slippery and dangerous conditions around the water?s edge.
--Press release CDOW :
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HookNLine said:
What kind of fish does this lake hold?
Its a coldwater lake, so I'm guessing trout. Its also located by a hatchery so I'm still guessing trout. :p

From Salida,go .5 mile NW on Hwy.291.Property E of hwy.,opposite Mt.Shavano Hatchery.
I see where they won't allow the use of explosives.....oh darn.
kirbydog said:
I see where they won't allow the use of explosives.....oh darn.
Yeah had to put the m80's back on the shelf, drat the luck.
from what ive read it has mostly stocker trout with the rare holdover
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