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Grandpa- you can put in near the dam or at sailboard beach, but like was stated above, the wind can (and will) come up nearly every day in a big way. I would be extremely cautious, especially in the winter, of launching a small craft with electric motor. I've seen big boats go down in the waves on Pueblo and have had a couple close calls myself in a fully rigged bass boat.

If you put in at either marina, you can still take advantage of the reservoir without putting yourself at risk. The back of the north marina is always a good spot for bass/walleye/wiper. There are some steep bluff banks back there and the creek channel is normally one of the first places to turn on in the spring with big spawning bass.

The south marina can also be very good. There are some shoals across from the dock that can be fished in the winter for walleyes.
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