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Went for a few hours in the morning. Found fish in 21-22 feet of water on a flat area. I really didn't see them on the fish finder, so I guess they must have been right on the bottom. When I got my first walleye it was in 21 feet, so I just made sure to try and keep the belly boat over that depth. Caught 10 walleyes in about 4 hours 3 of which were keepers. Got 4 smallies as well with 2 really nice ones. Fast sink tip line and the usual white meat whistle. No pics, because my go-pro now lives at the bottom of the lake. Damn clip broke on a mount and all I could do was watch as it sank out of sight. Pretty bummed about that. Water temp was in the lower 50's at the surface in the morning, 57 or so when I left.
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