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pueblo 10/04

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Coleman and wife brought their new boat down to break in his Merc 115 and catch some eyes. well we got on the water and met up with my buddy, put the trolling down and it wouldn't run. with the wind blowing at about 15 mph so we had to troll with the 115. I had no trolling gear with me but Coleman did manage to hook and land a 16.5 eye and that was it till next week when they will bring the 5th wheel down and spend a few days. next time we will have drift socks and I will have more gear on board.
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Sorry to hear about the trolling motor. Does he have a resettable fuse in line with his battery? Most have 50-60A resettables these days. No anchor for slabbing/spooning? They are starting to stack up.

Hopefully next week goes better and he gets the motor figured out.
Just remember to pull up the drift sock before taking off! I donated mine to the depths of Lake of the Woods a couple weeks ago! LOL! Too bad because it was working great in the conditions.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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