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Fished Pueblo today. It was a great day for fishing. I wanted to catch a fish on a bunch of different lures today not just Senko's and spinnerbaits. Well I tried. ::) I caught fish on senko's, spinnerbaits, tubes, beavers and lizards.  ;D All in all it was a great day. I think I caught several keepers but i didn't have a tape measure. I did learn how to fish beds. Man is that fun!!!! One of the spots I caught had to be at least 3 pounds!!!! Maybe more. It took some time to catch the bass on their beds. I would throw the lizard or senko (I used both) on the bed but that would not do it alone. I then had to jiggle the bait just a tad with out moving the bait off the bed. When I did this the bass would stand on his head staring at the bait and then the bait would disappear!!!!!! I would then set the hook hard! Some thimes the bait would come flying out at me and some times I would nail them. Some of these spot are huge!!!! Just think these fish are all males, some females have to be huge in here (6 pounds maybe). I also met haf2fish up there, nice guy. He put up a report too I see. He was catching his fish on tubes I could tell he was having as much fun as I was.

This was the biggest one. Thats a huge buck bass for Pueblo!! IMO

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