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Had a great time fishing with my older son again today. Fishing was great from start to finish. We caught a lot of wipers, walleyes, small mouths, spots and large mouths and a single crappie. Oops, can't forget the carp. ( they sure are fun.) Fish bit all day long..never a dull moment. My younger son said he needs to get a kayak and get in on the action. Can't wait.

Water temps started at 65 ...hit 72. You can find fish shallow and deep...They aren't quite everywhere...but they sure seem to be. From five to thirty five feet deep.

Wipers were from both the smaller class and the next class up. The 13 to 15 inchers and the 20 to 22 inchers. Only three legal walleyes...well, three others hit it right on eighteen, but to close for me. I want at least another quarter inch.

A few pics of some of the wipers Bryan caught. He hadn't caught any wipers in a very long time.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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