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Pueblo 5_28_2005

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Fished Pueblo on Staurday saw lots of boats, lots of pleasure boats, but not very many fish. Fished the main lake points and the first big cove up from the south Marina. Boated 3 smalleyes around 15 to 17. The fish were fat and healthy much better looking than what I've caught at Chatfield lately. By 10:00 the cove was so full of water skiers you couldn't cast without almost hitting one. I tried to find the wiper Waltthefisherman was into, but no such luck. I think you need a day off in the week to find them. any way once again better than watching TV. Sorry left the camera at home.
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Yeppers Mobyj - need calmer conditions... even the walleye tourney that was going on 5/21 - 5/22 seemed to slow them down... I caught 1 5lbr on 5/21 and 5 5lbrs on 5/22 but they didn't surface at all like they did on the Friday 5/20... same spot... I'm thinking they are moving east now... this bite was between the island and south point just west of Denver Cove... haven't been able to find them in since last front hit...didn't fish Memorial Weekend though...except Fri morning breifly... Good luck... they will be back.
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