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On the water around 6:45 a.m.

Breeze was up, not whitecaps, but just below that level. Didn't want to fight that on the troll so we stopped and jigged for a while. Ran into a couple walleye and as usual she caught more than I did using that technique :)

Conditions settled a bit (quite a bit actually) so we chased the walleye and small mouths for a while. Lindy set up out one side of the boat. Bottom bouncer with a slow death crawler trailing on the other side. The lindy was producing smallies, the B-bouncer walleye. Trolled until I got good and snagged. While I reset the rig we boogied over to a different spot. Same outcome as the original spot.

Then, I'm reaching for my bottom bouncer rig which is twitching when I see the other rig turn into a candy cane in the rod holder. I dump my walleye just in time to get to the net and help my wife land a 17" small mouth. Snap some pics and drop him back in for you guys to catch too.

Lots of fun! Especially when you don't have to fight the weekend crowds.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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