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coleman came down and we got on the water at 6 am we fished till about 1:30 and caught 15 eyes then we went out again at about 7 pm till 8:45 and caught another 15 eyes this time we used a jig head and worm in 8 to 12 feet of water, still no keepers. all caught on a wind blowen shore about 15 feet out from shore. on sat morning we got out at 6:30 and caught 17 eyes in 15 to 19 feet of water all on a jig head and worm, but this time we got 1 keeper eye and a nice flathead cat..

this morning my son brougth my 2 grandsons down and we got on the water at 6:30, the boys wanted to troll so we put out 4 lines and trolled for an hour and put 12 eyes in the boat, the first one was a keeper, my son lost a wiper as it went into the other lines. then we changed to a jig head and worm in 15 to 23 feet of water and finished with about 35 eyes and a few bass. the count might have been higher as we had soms doubles and tripples. my son wants a raise as a deckhand, we worked him hard landing the fish and releasing them. we topped the day off with a nice lunch at the new adams rib bbq
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