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pueblo pigs day 2

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that cold front came in at about 9pm last night with wind from the north west so when we hit the water at 8am this morning we had a south west wind that was real cold when you are doing 27mph. well we looked where we found fish last night and on the down wind shores. we found a lot of bait balls with bigger fish in them we found suspended fish we found fish on the bottom we jigged and we trolled and some casting all to no avail. Coleman did get a long line release on something. that cold front kicked our butts. a guy told us at the ins station that he caught a wiper but all the boats we talked to or just saw no one was getting their nets wet. we fished from 8am to 1:30pm and the walleygobbler 2.0 got her first skunk, well she will have better days ahead. the lake sure is low now but they will cut the flow down mid Nov. and I hope we have a wet cold winter in the mountains and a wet warm winter in pueblo west

and Slayer that is like the pot calling the kettle black.
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We have noticed at Powell a cold front totally shuts down the wallyeez , need 3 4 days on good high pressure then it is on!
Good seeing you getting out Byron. You'll get them next time.
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