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One thing about Boating in Pueblo Res in January is that you pretty much have the whole lake to yourself! My buddy Dan and I headed down on Saturday 1-6-18 for some deep water jigging action.

I haven't posted in a very, very long time due to the fact that I've been remodeling a house, and I have fished a total of 4 times in the past year +!!

Pueblo Res is in great shape right now. Water level is within about 3 or 4 feet of being at full pool. Water temps range from 39.2 degrees at Mid Lake Shoals to 41.1 near the South Marina. Weather wise was a lot cooler than we expected with mid to upper 30 degree air temps and light winds. At some points during the day there was NO wind at all, making for a pleasant time of boat control trying to stay over fish in 35 to 55 fow.

We spent some time cruising and looking at various spots trying to find fish. We finally settled on one area of the lake near Boggs Creek, an area that typically holds fish and has been a consistent producer of both Walleye and Smallmouth for the past 30 or years I've been fishing Pueblo in January and February.

While no Walleye were caught on this outing, the Smallmouth were there and we managed at least 5 fish towards late afternoon. Blade baits were the hot lure worked very slow vertically right off the bottom with a lift/fall technique of about 6" to 8".

Something noteworthy to consider these fish were holding so tight to the bottom that it's important to adjust your electronics accordingly. Also a key setting on my Lowrance Electronics was the use of Downscan Imaging. This was huge in identifying fish and separation from the bottom. Under standard 2D sonar images you could easily pass up a lot of fish. Take your time and be patient!!

Enjoy the pics and for those of you with boats that have NOT been winterized and planning on heading down, good luck and be safe!!


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