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Pueblo Res. 7/12

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I was one with the senko today-problem is many of them were dinks. I caught about 30 from 5:30 until about noon but only four were an honest 13-14", about a half dozen were 10-12" and the rest were real dinks down to 4-5". Met up with some other guys and they said the same thing-good numbers but no size. I fished shallow and deep, main lake points and cuts-didn't seem to matter. Some of these fish were so small I was kind of amazed they could get the 1/0 EWG hook and senko in their mouth. Caught about an even number of smallies and spots. The spots are real fat-seem to be in much better shape than the smallies as far as weight. And they put up one heck of a fight for their size.

You could see the smoke from the fire in Beulah/Wetmore real good from the reservoir. Fortunately, the wind stayed light all morning so they should be getting a handle on this. Ed
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I can say with great confidence that my favorite bait for wipers busting shad on the surface is a silver 1/2 ounce Kastmaster. you can even buy kits for spoons that look just like them from Cabela's and pay less money not having to spend for the brand name. The schools while on top will crush the spoon and as soon as the frenzy is gone, I cast and let is sink for 3 to 5 seconds then reel slow and eratic with my rod tip high immitating a bait fish that is wounded and still kicking. The wipers still cruise this area for a few minutes cleaning up cripples even though the top water action is gone. This allows you to fish the whole period of activity with one bait. The kastmasters also throw a long way so I do not have to be right on top of them to get into them. Another advantage as they work their way in one direction, I can try to stay on them while they are on top. Some of my best fish have come 2-5 minutes after the top water is gone, just slowly reeling in my kastmaster until ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and it's on.
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