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Pueblo Res. 7/12

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I was one with the senko today-problem is many of them were dinks. I caught about 30 from 5:30 until about noon but only four were an honest 13-14", about a half dozen were 10-12" and the rest were real dinks down to 4-5". Met up with some other guys and they said the same thing-good numbers but no size. I fished shallow and deep, main lake points and cuts-didn't seem to matter. Some of these fish were so small I was kind of amazed they could get the 1/0 EWG hook and senko in their mouth. Caught about an even number of smallies and spots. The spots are real fat-seem to be in much better shape than the smallies as far as weight. And they put up one heck of a fight for their size.

You could see the smoke from the fire in Beulah/Wetmore real good from the reservoir. Fortunately, the wind stayed light all morning so they should be getting a handle on this. Ed
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i was gonna go there this weekend were u fishing from shore or boat i'll be fishing from shore and i dont know the lake real well wheres a good spot on shore where i'll catch alot i'll be using those senkos
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