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Talked to a friend that lives at Pueblo West and has fished the lake almost daily for 20+ years.  If you believe in wildlife patterns and folk lore, he says the fishing will not pick up until the swallows return for the summer.  Said the swallows will return to the cliffs in about a week.

I'm sure the return of the swallows is related to time of the year and temperature and is somewhat predictable but that is what he uses to judge the fishing activity level there.

When I used to focus on nothing but bass down there, I had my own method. If the day time temp and night time temp added together reached or exceeded 100 for 4 straight days, the fishing would start to pick up.

EX: Day 1, night time temp 35 + day time temp 65 = 100
Day 2, night time temp 40 + day time temp 70 = 110
Day 3, night time temp 30 + day time temp 75 = 105
Day 4, night time temp 40 + day time temp 65 = 105

My method is/was based on consistent weather patterns and how they influence bass, his is based on timing and is for walleye but both seem relatively reliable.
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