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Pueblo Reservoir 4/9/2005

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Fished Pueblo yesterday from about 7AM until about 4PM. We dropped in at South Marina-water temp showed 46.5 degrees. We worked the South side of the lake first, trolling crankbaits in various colors and at various depths, in an effort to determine which fish species were active, and at which depths they seemed so.

Caught a 15" smallmouth on a cotton cordell crawdad colored, deep diving grappler shad.

Saw a wiper in the first of the two larger coves, he was swimming in circles; behaving exactly as a trout with whirling disease. (Anybody seen that in species other than trout before? He was definitely disoriented, and nearly swam into the side of our boat.)

We worked our way up into the inlet with the water temps rising as we prceeded north- stopping to fish at Turkey Creek Cove, where a 22lb. wiper was reportedly caught a couple days ago. There were shad boiling all over the could see them flashing under the water and sounding across the top. We worked the trees and partially submerged brush with jigs tipped with leeches, shiners, soft plastics, and sometimes a combination. We saw and heard big fish hammering those shad, but were unable to caox them into taking our offerings. We tried floating live baits, and working the different depths with crankbaits as well. The water temp was as high as 54.6 degrees in parts of the inlet! Not a single strike, bite, or even a nibble!

We decided to burn out of there and hit the Dam. zilch! The water temp was lowest there, not a surprise. 42.1 degrees at it's coolest, and we marked no fish on the dam, damn it.

Back over to the south side, and the rocks...We nearly had another small wiper (about 16") jump clear into the boat when he came out of the water after a shad. Got the blood boiling, so out with the white curlies, and the white and silver shad imitator crankbaits ins everal brands and depths. We nailed two VERY heavy trout (only about 17" long, but with a girth of over 12" each- these fish were apparently taking steriods and spending several hours per day in the gym!) on deep diving glass rap shad imitator cranks, and one 13" bow that looked like he hadn't lived in the lake long enough to take on the big shoulder'd look of the two we kept for the oven. We caught these over the submerged islands that weren't submerged at the end of last year!

All in all, not a bad first spring fishing trip, but I really don't care about trout, except that they make fine walleye food.

I fully intend to get back down there in a couple weeks, as I think those wirper will be more cooperative after 55 degrees. Certainly no shortage of forage at Pueblo, and the water is up....looking like a good year for the fish, but may be a bit tougher on the fisher man than it was last year with such low water.

Good luck to all; I hope this report helps...

P.S. Anybody own a Bobcat? My boat is BURIED under a foot of SNOW this morning!!!! :eek:
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Thank you, sir! I LOVE this site!

THANKS for providing it for us!
Did you by any chance throw a kastmaster at the wipers?
No sir, i admit I considered it, but figured if they weren't touching bait, or soft baits, they probably weren't going to bit it...maybe a bad decision in retrospect! ???
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