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Pueblo Reservoir on March 29

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Will anyone be at Pueblo Reservoir this wesnesday the 29th? Goona give it a shot for the first time this year. Anyone had any luck there yet?
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I'll be there Thursday if the weather holds up. Sorry I'll miss you! Post a report for me when you get back!
I was there Saturday and Sunday (3/25,26). The wind was from the east,,,, until it turned to the west about 9:30 am Sunday, the east wind was better, at least you could fish in the east wind.

The walleye spawn was reported to be in full swing, a difficult time for walleye fishing, the water was 41-44 degrees, too cold for wipers. I saw some shore fisherman drag a rainbow or two out, we were not after rainbows.

How do I say it, oh yeah,,,,, skkkkunnnkkkked.
A friend of mine who is an avid walleye fisherman called me this afternoon and they caught 9 walleye today using minnios on a lindy rig in about 20 ft of water 1 foot off of the bottom. No keepers though. They found a small school at the entance to skiers cove along the rock wall.
Sorry for the speeling error. I meant to say minnows..
Blame the Zman for the Skunk Terre..........We all know it is his fault.


I had plenty of good excuses last weekend, (east wind, cold water, walleye spawn, high wind...), no need to pull the big gun excuse. I save that Zman curse excuse for times when everything seems perfect and I still get skunked.

I was wondering what the water level is there. I have been trying to find information on any websites for lake levels and temps. I'm planning a trip down there in a couple of weeks and I need to know how to adjust my map. It says normal water elevations is 4500..I was wondering what it is now. Any inof would be greatly apreciated.
Its roughly 30 feet down according to my fishfinder vs electonic chart.
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