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Pueblo update

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Well, since Byron's down temporarily. Hit Pueblo a couple of days ago. Water level is as high as I've ever seen it. Great wind at all. Fished from eleven to six. Only saw three boats go by on the lake. Water temps were 47..48. Eight walleyes, four between 18 and 20 inches..They came home for dinner.

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Go for a used diesel Neal. The repairs are spendy, but they last 4 ever and pull/haul like a champ every time. I've had a few over the years. My '04 Duramax is a beast and I picked it up for $16k last year with almost 200k on it, put some $$$ in it and its like brand new. It hauls skid loader trailers, a twenty foot utility trailer loaded with lawn equipment or dump trailers with tons of rock without even feeling it. I use it hauling ass down the highway with nothing behind it, get almost 20 mpg doing 80+ and rides smoother than lots of cars I've been in.

Can't beat 'em for all purpose usage for sure.

dmax 4 door 4x4 heated seats is gonna be my next and last rig for a long time. just gotta get rid of all my franken rigs first... the nice thing about dmax is all the years are good. not just 02 like power smokers etc... altough id say get a pre 08 truck since 08 is when they started molesting them like they do the big rigs with all that clean diesel tech bs.... diesels are supposed to run dirtyyyy.

I have had both ('02 Powerstoke and the Duramax). By far the "Dirty Max" has been the best; but then again I have had some WORK done to her. :wink:

why would you molest a perfect half million mile truck???

although i do have a molested first gen cummins. shes RAW. my pops has horrible luck with vehicles. his 02 psmokers has been the best vehicle hes ever had. almost has me thinking about one but chevys ride better and my back is screwed up from atvs.
Never said it was molested. Just a little "TUNE-up"..... I like blowing the doors off people who think their cute when they cut in front of me and slow down when I'm pulling a trailer. Nice to leave 'em in some thick black smoke.
I like doing that to Beemers... especially white ones. who think riding my bumper will make me speed as much as they want.
1 - 4 of 54 Posts
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