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I just heard from a friend. they went fishing a few days ago, the weather was nice and the fish were biting, so they stayed out a bit longer and got to the ramp about 4:30 they pulled out and the inspection was closed. fast forward to last weekend they went fishing again. they got to the ramp before 8:00 they did not have a wire tag to put in the box so they wrote a note and put it in the box telling what happened and went fishing. the wind came up and they cut it short and came in. there was a note on their windshield saying the rangers wanted to talk to them. the rangers came and told them that they launched to early and they gave them a ticket that cost $50.00 dollars because they didn't get inspected. if you don't have a wire tag you have to wait till they open the inspection station. lets not give them any extra money to waste
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