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Pueblo Wipers

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Well, the time I look for all year has come. Friday I broke my personal best for Size on Pueblo twice within a hour... the first 9lbs even and then about 30 minutes later a 12lb 11oz'er...hehe what a blast... I pulled a 6inch shad out of the 12lbr... I saw the shad they were chasing and new I had to upsize... so, I did and it worked... again what a blast... I'm thinking we only have a week or so before the bigguns go down deep... we will see...I entered the pics in the new fishing picture contest..... wish me luck...
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in a boat - in about 23 to 27 foot of water.. on a main lake point...
Thanks... I'm ready for more... they are such a blast for sure.
man I have to hook into some wipers this year too. nice fish
Holy moly, look at the size of that!
I resemble that remark...oh.... you mean the fish...hehe - It was fun for sure.
Excellent fish Walt. One of these days I am going to catch a nice wiper, or 10 pound walleye or something truly remarkable like that. But until then I will just observe yours and be jealous!

I envy... Oh I've never envied so much...


Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about! Dag gummit, I need to get one of those! Great catch WALT!
Nicely done. I may be feeling ill maybe a day at Pueblo fishing would make me feel better. Any hints you can give us small wiper guys. Thanks for the report
MobyJ said:
Nicely done. I may be feeling ill maybe a day at Pueblo fishing would make me feel better. Any hints you can give us small wiper guys. Thanks for the report
ring, ring hello.  Hey boss I dont think I'm going to make it in today I have an "I" problem. 
Boss:  an eye problem?
You: Yeah, I dont see myself coming in today.

Your best bet for wipers is following the baitfish.
Sorry , I was offline... just so happens the shad are hold overs from last year and they are big... So, size your bates accordingly.... A Zara Spook would have worked but I have found a bait that is heavier and casts further(mirrolure top dog or top pup(red and white mirrored side))... I don't like getting to close to these fish because they spook so easily(although they can come right up on you and that is fine... just don't plow into them).

Just so happened on this day(fri morn) there was little preasure in the area... there were 4 or 5 boats but they knew to keep the distance. This allowed the wiper to make return trips... the wipers would surface about every 10 minutes or so and they did that for about and hour and a half. When the wipers go down I then jig with a soft bait again sizing to the shad. This helps pass the time between the top water action. Plus you do catch fish because the fish and the shad are still in the area.

As I said earlier, i had seen the shad coming out of the water and they were big... I pulled a 6 '' shad out of the 12 lbr.... There are plenty of these fish to go around just be curtious and quite and you will hav your turn... it is to much of a blast not to share... hope this helps...
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Nice catch! There's no doubt you've figured out how to hunt these bad boys; inch for inch they're one of the hardes fighting fish around.

What time of day did you come upon them?

Sorry for the late response... came upon them around 7:00am... and they surfaced from time to time until about 8:40... this was 5/20. Thanks
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