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I was just awarded 100% permanently disabled by the VA. From what I have heard, I am entitled to a free fishing license for life. Can anyone tell me how to go about getting that. I would ather be healthy, but since I can't work, I may as well enjoy this benefit. Any help is appreciated.


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From the Colorado regs:

Applications for free licenses can be obtained at DOW offices. Send completed applications to
DOW, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216. Free licenses are valid only during Colorado residency.
People in these categories are eligible for a free fishing license:
1. U.S. armed forces members, active or retired, who are resident patients of a U.S. armed forces
hospital or convalescent station in Colorado.
2. Resident patients at a Veterans Administration (V.A.) hospital.
3. Resident patients of a state mental institution or other mental health institution under the
supervision of its staff.
4. Colorado residents who are totally and permanently disabled as determined by the Social
Security Administration or Division of Labor. You must provide either:
a. Social Security award papers documenting a permanent and total disability. If the documents
do not specify ?totally and permanently disabled,? you must provide documentation that Social
Security benefits began 7 or more years ago;
b. Or, a physician?s statement attesting you have a physical or mental impairment that prevents
gainful employment and that is reasonably certain to continue through your lifetime;
c. Or, a Colorado Division of Workers? Compensation ?Final Admission of Liability? form indicating
you are totally and permanently disabled.
5. Colorado residents who are disabled veterans. A disabled veteran is a person who served on
active duty in the armed forces, separated under honorable conditions and has established to the
DOW a service-connected disability rated by the V.A. at 60% or more through disability retirement
benefits or a pension because of a public statute administered by the V.A. or the Army,
Navy or Air Force. People meeting this requirement may obtain a free lifetime resident combination
small game hunting and fishing license.
6. Colorado residents on active duty with the U.S. armed forces outside the state can fish free
without buying a license while here on temporary leave from duty, not to exceed 30 days a year.
You must carry your official leave papers with you when fishing.
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