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Another quick midge tie is just using micro tubing. Devan Ence turned me onto this years ago (His videos are on the web). For the larvae just leave the wings off obviously. The nice thing about this tubing is you can run grey tubing over colored thread to achieve subtle "depth" to the fly or just use a white thread under body to get a bright tubing color. If segmentation is your goal it will create that, just don't go over it with any type of finishing product like Cure-Goo. Add a glass bead(Silver Lined, clear, or white are my favorites) For a Buzz Bomber add the gills, flash, and coat the fly with Cure-Goo. The possibilities are endless and it's as easy or difficult as you make it.

In the high pressure tailwaters, #22 and smaller flies, I would recommend keeping the body as thin as possible(don't sweat segmentation), no flash, no beads, just a plain natural looking larvae. This means 16/0 thread(like veevus) for underbody coloring and tying in the tubing. UTC requires constant spinning to control splaying and slows the tying down.

I tied this up for the post. #24 Tiemco 2488, red micro tubing, 16/0 Blk. Veevus thread. No underbody. Cure-Goo coated. Time: 1.5 minutes w/ Cure-Goo
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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