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Quincy 7/14

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Hello Everyone

New poster here, just found the site yesterday.

Went out to Quincy last night (4:30 pm to 8:30 pm) and did really well, we picked up several rainbows in the 14" to 16" range,  several largemouth bass up to about 12", and all the little perch we wanted.

We fished along the dam and the south shore.

Maybe things are picking up.

Maybe it was that the weather wasn't very good.  We were the only boat on the lake I think.

Just thought I would let people know.

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That is good news
It sure stunk big time for everybody a few days ago.
What were you using?
We were throwing small gold and silver spinners. The color didn't seem to be important. I had a gold one and my buddy had silver one.

No luck with Rapala's, kastmasters or anything like that. But we didn't stick with them very long when we started picking up fish on the spinners.

Nice report Joe and welcome :)
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