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Alright Jay, this is for you. I thought you were gonna go and report to me, but I had a Quincy craving yesterday. ;D

Anyway, a buddy and I got to the lake around 4, but we didn't feel like wading or anything, so we fished the dam. We waked back and forth for a long time with no success on spinners and stuff. Finally I threw out a whacky rigged Senko Lite, which is more bouyant than the other ones i think, cuz it takes fricken forever to sink. So I sat down and let it sink for a few minutes and slowl slowly slowly retrieved it jiggibng on the bottom. My line shot out and I set the hook. It was a nie little perch. I have never caught perch from there, but I hear it's loaded. Also, the ranger said the perch and trout were bitning, and i didn' catch any bass, so I uess he was right. I also got a twelve inch trout, and 8 inch trout, and a crawdad using this method. My friend was die hard spinners this time and didn't get anything. The weeds hqve really slowed down, and it's actually possible to throw out a kasmaster without getting tangles in slime.

I didn't see anyone else catching qnything, and the ranger said nobody is catching bass right now. Long time no fish the Q, It was beautiful yesterday.

Give it two weeks I think.

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I do need to get out there. Ive only fished the Q a few times this year. My brother was right. He told me "Now that you have a boat you wont be fishing Quincy like you did last year". He was right. I know they close on the 31st. Maybe ill try it once before than. Thanks Stang!

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