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I was thinking of trying out Quincy on Saturday with the canoe. Anyone have any suggestions as to what part of the lake i should hit and whats biting. Also, is this a fly and lure reservoir only? Any info would help. It looks like trout are hitting, i may try a bubble and fly. maybe muskie...

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no bait here, i would'nt even have it in my box as the rangers there can get a lot anal, and a little power trippy. make sure that you have your boat registration current as they wont usually give you a chance, they will just write you a ticket. and my buddy fished it last week and did pretty good on the east side for trout with bottom jigs, no bass though
pretty much anything along the lines of small, green crawdad imitations, HAVE UR LICENSE, fish just out of casting range along the dam and cast straight toward shore, if this doesn't work, try the coves along the back island
If your looking to catch Bass I've had alittle luck last week drop-shoting small jigs on the SE side of the lake. For trout id throw small panther Martins Or Tazmainian Devils. If you have a trolling motor id troll either side of the air pumps with big cranks and see if you can get into a muskie.

Ill be out there tomorrow too. I may go for a few hours today too.

I'd also recomend trying some rainbow trout imitator rapalas if you have them..I like the "broken-back" models for this lake especially...I have been able to take large trout, bass, and one muskie here by experieimenting with weights to get them to the proper depths...!
Cool, I am gonna rig up a few different poles tonight so i am not spending to much time changing out lures. I bought a tasmanian devil today (rainbow pattern) and a new xrap rapala today to try out. I'll see what kind of mess i can get into.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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