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A Good Snowy Day to All,

A number of folks have requested fishing report info, so for those interested in fishing Aurora and Quincy Reservoirs we have a website giving that info. The website is: -
find "Departments" in the banner and scroll down to
"Parks & Open Space" click then scroll down to
"Reservoirs" click there and on the right side of the screen is
"FISHING REPORTS" in red, click and you'll see reports for both reservoirs. The dates of the reports are listed so you'll know how old the info is. Our plan is to update it weekly, as with all fishing reports if you want the latest info you must call. QR's # is 303-693-5463 and Aurora's # is 303-690-1286. As all fishermen know, fishing can be hot one hour and "bite" the next.....not in the literal sense.
Good Luck and thanks for your input!
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